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  • Dr. Komola Azimova

    Surgery Resident
    JAMP Alumna

    "Being a part of JAMP is a great privilege and honor, something that not everyone gets to experience. To all current and future JAMPers I would advice to take advantage of all the opportunities this program provides to become a great physician and individual and give back to the community."

    Read more about Dr. Azimova's journey.


    Current JAMP Students

    View guidelines for continuation in JAMP as a(n):

    MCAT Preparation

    Stay up to date with the MCAT Preparation program provided to you!

    Summer Internships

    Assignments for the 2019 JAMP Medical School Internships will be released later this spring!

    Interested in being a JAMP Mentor?

    Give back to JAMP by serving as a JAMP Mentor! Each year, 100 new students are assigned with seasoned JAMPers at various levels in their journey toward becoming a doctor.

    If you are interested in serving as a JAMP Mentor, email us at info@texasjamp.org.