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  • Dr. Diego De La Mora

    Assistant Professor at
    Texas Tech University HSC - Paul L. Foster School of Medicine - El Paso

    Internal Medicine

    JAMP Alumnus

    "The most beneficial aspect of JAMP has to be the assured acceptance into a medical school in Texas. I do not know of any other program that was similar in Texas when I joined JAMP. It was unique also in the sense that we would spend summer in different medical schools, getting to know the admissions team, the medical students, other JAMP students, the campus and the faculty. "

    Read more about Dr. De La Mora's journey.


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    View a complete list of the Texas schools participating in JAMP and find contact info for the JAMP Faculty Director at each school.

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    For additional information about JAMP, please contact:

    Joint Admission Medical Program
    P.O. Box 2175
    Austin, TX, 78768
    Monday - Friday - 7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
    Email: info@texasjamp.org

    Paul Hermesmeyer


    Joel Robles, Ed.D.

    Program Coordinator

    Jennifer Koenig

    Administrative Associate

    Cody Pannel

    Administrative Assistant


    Our Leadership

    Senate Bill 940 of the 77th Texas Legislature established a JAMP Council comprised of Admissions and Student Affairs deans from all over Texas. View a complete list of council members.

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    The Joint Admission Medical Program  supports Texas students  pursuing a  medical education.

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