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  • Dr. Jesus Herrera

    JAMP Alumnus

    "I knew I wanted to be a physician, but didn’t know what steps I needed to take. JAMP gives you all the tools to succeed. They mentor you and find you resources for you to succeed. In the end, it’s up to the individual to make it happen."

    Read more about Dr. Herrera's journey.


    Legislative History


    Senate Bill 940 of the 77th Texas Legislature - PDF file

    • Creates the JAMP program to support and encourage highly qualified economically disadvantaged students pursuing a medical education.
    • Establishes JAMP Council comprised of Admissions and Student Affairs Deans from all over Texas.
    • Requires Texas medical schools to set aside 10 percent of entering class for JAMP participants.
    • Funds to be appropriated by the Texas Legislature.

    Senate Bill 1128 of the 78th Texas Legislature - PDF file

    • Creates JAMP alternate pool.
    • Adds flexibility to program entry requirements.

    Senate Bill 1247 of the 79th Texas Legislature - PDF file

    • Changes entry year into program from freshman to sophomore year.
    • Gives council authority to reallocate unfilled program openings during initial selection.
    • Establishes a preadmission mentoring and assistance program during freshman year for prospective students.

    Senate Bill 1601 of the 80th Texas Legislature - PDF file

    • Expands participation of private or independent institutions.
    • Gives community college students the opportunity to transfer to a four-year institution and be eligible to apply to the program.
    • Provides greater flexibility in designating JAMP Faculty Director.
    • Clarifies scope of JAMP Council's ability to accept gifts and engage in fundraising.

    Senate Bill 1728 of the 81st Texas Legislature - PDF file

    • Removed section limiting term of Council members to six years.
    • Removed application award for students applying to the program.
    • Added Texas Tech Health Sciences at El Paso to participating medical school entities.
    • Removed necessity to enroll at an institution of higher education not later than the first fall semester following the student's graduation from high school.