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    JAMP Application Instructions - Entry Year 2019

    The application will be available on May 1, 2019 at 8:00am Central Time.

    The application deadline is on October 1, 2019 at 5:00pm Central Time.

    Download the JAMP Application Handbook for reference while you complete your application.


    You must contact your JAMP Faculty Director to discuss your interest in the program.

    In order for your application to be completed, you will need to complete the “Notice of Intent to Apply and Authorization to Release Records Form” and return the form to your JAMP Faculty Director.

    Application Supporting Documents must be receivedby the JAMP Administrative Office by October 15, 2019 at 5:00pm Central Time.

    JAMP Application:


    A JAMP applicant must complete the Notice of Intent to Apply and Authorization to Release Records Form and submit it to your JAMP Faculty Director (JFD) before starting the application.  Failure to do so will delay or prevent your application from being considered.


    Applicants must meet with his or her JAMP Faculty Director (JFD) regarding the submission of all supporting documents.

    An application to the program is not considered complete until all supporting documents have been received by the JAMP Administrative Office.

    The following supporting documents must be submitted to the JAMP Administrative Office no later than October 15, 2019:

    1. Notice of Intent to Apply & Authorization to Release Records

    2. A copy of applicant's High School Transcript and Class Rank

    3. SAT/ACT Score documentation

    4. Student Aid Reports (FAFSA) for:

      a. 2018-2019

      b. 2019-2020

    5. Letters of Evaluation from:

      a. JAMP Faculty Director

      b. University Faculty Member

    6. College Transcripts if applicant attended another college while attending high school
    or summer school

    7. Official University Transcript listing fall and spring grades

    Applicants are responsible for providing all supporting documents to his or her JAMP Faculty Director. Supporting documents received after the deadline may prevent your application from being considered.

    Technical Details

    The JAMP application supports only the following browsers. Not using one of these may cause you to experience various technical issues.

      For PC Users:
      Internet Explorer

      For Mac Users:


    JAMP will begin to process your application once the online application has been submitted and your supporting documents have been received.

    To learn more about each section of the application, visit the Section Overview. You are strongly encouraged to print a copy to refer to while completing the application.

    Getting Started - Creating an Account

    1. Click on the [Login] tab in the upper right-hand corner of this page.

    2. Click on the [New User? Register Here] link.

    3. Fill in the required information and click [Register] to have your account created.

    4. The application will come up and you can begin filling out the application.

    Do not mail in any supplemental materials until you have completed the [Colleges Attended] and [Letters of Evaluation] sections.


    Applicants who are a Permanent Resident must submit a copy (both front and back) of their Permanent Resident card to JAMP. This documentation can be uploaded directly to the application or mailed in to JAMP. If mailed, include your full name and JAMP ID on the copy.

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    You must provide a copy of your High School Transcript and proof of Class Rank. Your High School Transcript must contain the date of graduation and type of graduation plan completed. If applicant was home schooled or received a GED; copies of the documentation submitted to your University's Office of Admission must be provided.


    You must provide a copy of your SAT and/or ACT score reviewed by your University's Office of Admissions.


    The FASFA Student Aid Reports (SAR) for the freshman and sophomore (first and second year after graduation from high school) years to provide documentation and history of economic disadvantage.


    Applicants must meet with his/her JFD to arrange a sealed official transcript, accompanied by a JAMP Transcript Request Form, to be submitted.  Only one transcript is required from every regionally accredited US, US Territorial or Canadian college attended. Do not have any transcripts delivered to JAMP until you have completed the [Colleges Attended] section of your application.

    Official transcripts will be necessary for all undergraduate coursework. Transcripts must be submitted from each school attended even if:

    • Coursework appears as transfer credit on another school’s transcript
    • Coursework does not count toward a degree
    • Coursework was taken while attending high school

    While JAMP will accept transcripts that are not attached to a JAMP Transcript Request Form, JAMP is not responsible for transcripts that cannot be matched to your application due to the absence of a JAMP Transcript Request Form.  You are strongly encouraged to utilize these forms. 

    Photocopies or faxed copies are NOT accepted.

    JAMP recommends that you obtain a personal copy of each transcript for your records to help you properly complete the [College Coursework] section of your application.

    It is your responsibility to verify and ensure that JAMP has received all of your transcripts. Check the status of your transcripts regularly by logging into your application and viewing the [Application Status] page.

    Study Abroad Transcripts

    If you participated in a Study Abroad program under the sponsorship of a US or Canadian institution and the international coursework appears on the US/Canadian transcript as regular itemized credit, only list the US or Canadian institution on your JAMP application. DO NOT list the international (foreign) institution. Arrange for only the US or Canadian transcript to be sent by your JFD to JAMP. JAMP processes official study-abroad coursework in the same manner as US and Canadian coursework.

    * NOTE: Transcripts sent to JAMP remain the property of JAMP. Transcripts are not forwarded to the medical schools. The transcripts are used by JAMP to validate coursework listed on the application. If accepted to medical school, applicants will be required to send transcripts to the accepting school before matriculation.

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    An applicant is required to submit TWO letters of evaluation.

    These letters must be from the following individuals:

    • JAMP Faculty Director (Required)
    • University Faculty
      (Letters of evaluation from a source other than indicated above must be approved by your JAMP Faculty Director)

    Submitting Individual Letters of Evaluation

    Evaluators should know an applicant well enough to evaluate him/her both academically and personally. It is recommended that your evaluators be current/former professors that can speak to your academic ability in the sciences.

    Be sure your full name and JAMP ID number is on the JAMP Evaluation Form. Individual evaluation letters should be accompanied by the JAMP Evaluation Form (with the waiver signature line completed) if you are waiving your right of access to the evaluation letter. If JAMP receives an evaluation letter without the JAMP Evaluation Form, it is assumed that the applicant has not waived his/her right of access to the letter.

    Evaluators must return the evaluation form and letter to your JFD. Be sure you include your JFD's contact information on the evaluation form. You must be sure the evaluator knows that the form and letter must be returned to your JFD to allow enough time to submit prior to the deadline.

    Extra Letters

    The JAMP Council prefer to receive only the required evaluation letters. Additional letters are not encouraged.

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    Validation of Colleges and Coursework

    The information submitted by the applicant in the [College Coursework] section is compared to the official transcripts for all applicants.

    This ensures that all coursework is listed in the [College Coursework] section and that each course is properly classified by JAMP standards.

    NOTE: Updated transcripts must be submitted to JAMP after each semester/quarter that coursework is completed between time of application and expected matriculation into medical school.

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