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MCAT Preparation

Stay up to date with the MCAT Preparation program provided to you!

Summer Internships

Assignments for the 2023 JAMP Summer Internships have not yet been released! Current JAMP scholars should continue to make sure to check their e-mails for information.

Find Your JFD

Find a list of the JAMP Faculty Directors by school on our Participating Universities page.


Have a question? It might already be answered! Be sure to check out the FAQ for the most commonly asked question from JAMP students.

Office Hours

Have a question? Dr. Robles has regular office hours where students can set an appointment at any time. Please click here to set up your appointment today.

Interested in being a JAMP Mentor?

Give back to JAMP by serving as a JAMP Mentor in our Facebook community! Each year, new students are invited to a Facebook group with seasoned JAMPers at various levels in their journey toward becoming a doctor.

If you are interested in serving as a JAMP Mentor, email us at