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JAMP logo Joint Admission Medical Program Making the path to medical school a reality for Texans since 2003


Featured Students

Come meet our outstanding JAMP Alumni who achieved their dreams of becoming physicians and current JAMP students pursuing their dream.


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Medical School Symposia & Pre-JAMP Camps

Meet JAMP at our Medical School Symposia and Pre-Medical/Pre-JAMP Camps across the state!

Request a JAMP Information Session

Is your group interested in learning more about the Joint Admission Medical Program? Click here to learn how request a live virtual interactive session with us.

JAMP Students


First-Gen Medical Student Seminar Hosted by JAMP and TMDSAS

Join JAMP and TMDSAS to learn how to navigate the pre-med pathway as a first-generation college student!


Live Q&A Session with JAMP Alumnus, Dr. Tommy Tran

Learn about JAMP directly from one of our alumni, Dr. Tommy Tran, on Monday, April 18 at 6 pm.

Featured JAMPers/JAMP

JAMP Alumni Feature: Dr. Xinqi Mike Ren

Baylor College of Medicine interviews JAMP alumni, Dr. Xinqi Mike Ren. Ren initially started as a finance major in undergraduate school and later found himself interested in a new career path. Read how Ren found his support system in his pre-medical journey and the impact Baylor had on his life and career in Growing Up Baylor.

JAMP/UT Southwestern

UT Southwestern Highlights How JAMP Gives Economically Disadvantages Students a Pathway to Medical School

UT Southwestern has recently published an illuminating article in the CenterTimesPlus, showcasing current or former UT Southwestern Medical School students who participated in the Joint Admission Medical Program (JAMP).


Announcing the Selection of the Next JAMP Director, Dr. Joel H. Robles

I am happy to announce that Dr. Joel Robles has been selected as the next Director of the Joint Admission Medical Program (JAMP) within the Texas Health Education Service.


Announcing Retirement of JAMP Director, Paul Hermesmeyer

After more than thirty-nine years of service to the state of Texas, twenty-eight of which were with UT institutions, Paul Hermesmeyer will retire in January 2022.


Top 3 Reasons to Keep Up With Your JAMP Faculty Director

There are many great reasons for you to keep up with your JFD. Here are the three most important highlights.

JAMP/JAMP Support/Pre-Med

A Message From the JAMP Council Chair

Dr. Benjamin Nguyen, current JAMP Council chair, shares a little bit about the JAMP program and what current initiatives are being undertaken.

JAMP/Office Hours

TMDSAS Office Hours with JAMP

TMDSAS Office Hours Q&A with Dr. Joel Robles, the Associate Director for the Joint Admission Medical Program (JAMP). Learn more about the program at


Getting the Most Out of Your JAMP Application

College can be filled with stress, and not knowing how or when to start your JAMP application might seem overwhelming. But don’t fret! Following these useful tips will help you to get the most out of your application.


Thinking of Becoming a Doctor in Texas? Come See What JAMP Can Offer You

Join JAMP alumni and medical students with JAMP Associate Director, Dr. Joel Robles for information sessions.


TXHES Appoints New Senior Application Development Analyst to Lead Information and Web Services Initiatives

TXHES announced the hiring of Gustavo Nieto to lead a new internal application development team that will support information and web services, including the application system for JAMP and TMDSAS.


Ready to Apply to JAMP? The EY 2022 Application Handbook is here!

Learn about the JAMP application through this step-by-step guide!


Year in Review: How the Texas Health Education Service Adapted to Better Serve You

Update for the annual meeting of the Texas Association of Advisors for the Health Professions.

Courage Session/High School/JAMP/Pre-Med

Making the Pathway to Medical School a Reality for Texans With JAMP

The Joint Admission Medical Program supports socioeconmically disadvantaged Texas resident students through the preparation for medical school and toward the goal of becoming a physician.


JAMP - COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 JAMP updates for current and potential students.