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The Joint Admission Medical Program (JAMP) Council approved funds again this year to support special projects at the participating institutions.  JAMP has made significant progress in meeting the program's goal to support economically disadvantaged students pursuing a medical education but there is still much to do to ensure that current and future participants are successful.

To assist in building stronger programs the JAMP Council has approved funds to be used to support recruitment and retention of undergraduate students.   Applicants will need to submit the appropriate “Request for Application” (RFA) for one or more of the following program and initiatives.

Pre-JAMP Recruitment and Outreach Program Initiatives

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  1. Build upon programs that have documented success in strengthening interest in medicine and learning skills among qualified pre-college and/or undergraduate students preparing for the JAMP experience.
  2. Implement and evaluate new, innovative enrichment and recruitment activities to prepare pre-college and undergraduate students for entry into the JAMP undergraduate component.

JAMP Retention and Success Program Initiatives

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  1. This program is intended to improve success in retaining undergraduate school students in the JAMP program

Both programs are open to all JAMP undergraduate (public and private) universities and medical schools.  In addition, a university and a medical school may submit a combined application. The project director for each proposal must be the JAMP Faculty Director or the Medical School Coordinator at the applicant institution.