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Medical School User Guide

Medical School Portal User Guide

The School Portal is designed for approved users at each of the medical schools to view JAMP applicants’ application and supporting documents as well as a method to monitor the participants accepted into the program. 
To access the JAMP School Portal please click on the [Admissions Staff Login] tab at the top of the JAMP website home page.  www.

The New JAMP database system requires you to use either Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers.

The JAMP School Portal main menu contains the following links:

  • Search: Allows you to search through all JAMP applicants ready for committee review as well as current and former participants in JAMP.
  • Documents: Enables users to search entire database for document information. 
  • Reports: Allows users to run reports on applicants and participants in program.  This feature will not be available next year year.  

Search for New Applicants or current Participants:
An applicant/participant search can be performed two ways:
1. Using the [Quick Search] box at the top right corner of every screen. You can search by full Last Name (including other/former last names) or JAMP ID. Entering the JAMP ID in the Quick Search box is the best method to accessing applicant’s complete file for review and/or interview.

2. Clicking on the [Search] link from the main menu. You can find applicants by searching on multiple fields; a few examples are listed below. This search is collective, meaning that the more fields that are used in the search, the more narrow the search result will be.  Selecting the Entry Year is necessary to find current EY2012 applicants.  By not selecting the Entry Year, the portal will compile a complete list of JAMP applicants and participants including former applicants and former participants.   

  • Last Name (including Other Last Name)
  • First Name (including Other First Name)
  • Email
  • Gender
  • Application Status
  • Entry Year 
    (this is important if you are searching for current JAMP participants)

Once you have selected an applicant.   A Sub-Menu will appear at the top of the screen under the Main Menu bar.  Each of the items listed in the sub-menu will direct you to the information needed to review/interview an applicant.

The Sub-Menu contains the following links:

  • Profile - This page will allow you to view a snapshot of the applicant’s information including SAT and/or ACT scores, number of hours completed, overall GPA and science GPA. In addition, starting with EY 2012, the JAMP applicant profile will include the applicant’s photo.

(You should be able to use your browser back button to return to the applicant’s sub menu so that you can see letters or other documents.)

  • Application - Shows the printable version of the applicant data as entered in the application. It is divided into the same sections that appear in the Applicant View. Click on the section name under [Bookmarks] to go straight to a specific section of the application.
  • RCW- Record of College Work.  Lists all course work taken
  • PCR- Prescribed Course Report. Lists all courses which count towards satisfying the required coursework.
  • Scores- Clicking on Scores in the submenu will give you a quick view of the ACT and/or SAT scores reported by the applicant.  This information is also listed in the high school section of the application. Note:  When participants take the MCAT their scores will be posted to this page.
  • Letters – To view and read applicant’s letters of evaluation click on [Letters] in the sub-menu. You will see the two required letters.  On the right hand side of the page you will see a column labeled “View”.  In this column there will be a document ID number.  This number is a link to a PDF of the letter of evaluation form and/or letter.
  • Transcripts - This page will allow you to review the high school transcript, college transcript(s) and the SAT/ACT score documentation.  Clicking on [Transcripts] in the submenu at the right hand side of page for each document listed, you will see a number listed under the heading View.  This number is a link to a PDF of the document. NOTE: All college coursework and grades are posted on the RCW and the overall and science GPAs are listed on the Profile.
  • Other Docs - This page allows you to open and view all supporting documents with the exception of the Letters of Evaluation.

In addition the [Other Docs] section allows you to open and view additional documents and correspondences including summer program evaluation summaries for current participants.

  • Status - This page allows you to view a student’s status in the program.  Applicants being reviewed for consideration will be coded with an application status of “Ready for School Review” and a JAMP Status of “Pending”.    Once a decision is made, JAMP Staff will update status.  For participants in the program, you will be able to monitor their status as they progress through the program.   See addendum for complete list of statuses.
  • SES - Shows answers to questions that result in the Socio-economic rating.
  • Assessment – This page will contain the Reviewers’ and Interviewers’ documentation.   This year, Reviewers and Interviewers will need to complete the (paper) forms provided by the JAMP staff.   JAMP staff will then enter the review grades and interview scores and uploaded the paper form.   Next year we plan to have the Review and Interview forms online.
  • Aid -   This page provides the Reviewer or Interviewer with a quick look of the applicant’s Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) and states whether the applicant meets the economic disadvantaged status.   Also the Reviewer or Interviewer can view the Student Aid Reports.
  • Placement - This page allows approved medical school users to see which summer program a JAMP participant is assigned and later which medical school the participant matched to.

Working with the PDF views
The Profile, Application, RCW and the PCR are all PDF files to make these documents easier to work with. The menu at the top of the PDF display allows you to

  • Print the PDF to your local system
  • Save the PDF locally
  • Email the PDF
  • Page through the PDF by clicking the up or down arrow
  • Magnify the document for easier viewing by using the – or + buttons

JAMP Status addendum:

JAMP Status: Indicates a student’s current status in JAMP.  The system keeps a historical record of a student’s status over time so you may view either their current status, or the history of their JAMP statuses.  Possible JAMP statuses are:






Set when a student is Released for School Review. If a student’s application status is Ineligible or Withdrawn before release, they will have no JAMP Status since they have no relationship to JAMP.



Decision is delayed

Invited for Interview


Student has been invited for an interview but has not yet interviewed



Student has completed interviews



Student has been accepted into JAMP but has not yet returned contract.



Student has been accepted into JAMP and has returned their contract



Subject to Change: In the past, this was used for JAMP students who had matriculated to a medical school.  Old records will be updated to indicate status in the new system.  See Progress Status  

Offered Alternate


Student has been offered a position in JAMP as an Alternate but has not yet returned signed Agreement.

Declined Alternate


Student was offered a position in JAMP as an Alternate but declined offer.



Student was offered a position as alternate and returned paperwork to accept

Deferred Acceptance


Acceptance into medical school is deferred for a year.

Withdrawn after Acceptance


Student was Accepted into JAMP and later withdrew.

Withdrew Before Action


Student was released for school (Committee) review, but withdrew from consideration before any Council action.

Withdrew After Interview


Student withdrew after interviewing.

Rejected Without Interview


Council rejected student without interviewing.

Rejected After Interview


Council rejected student after interviewing.



Student was dismissed from the Program.

Graduate Med


Graduated from Medical School-no longer in JAMP.

Progress: Indicates where a student admitted to JAMP stands in their progress through the program.  The system keeps a historical record of a student’s progress and also tracks their standing at each progress level. Possible progress levels are:

Progress Level Name






Standing is tracked by semester (Fall/Spring).

Applicant is in their sophomore year.



Standing is tracked by semester (Fall/Spring).

Applicant is in their junior year.



Standing is tracked by semester (Fall/Spring).

Applicant is in their senior year.

5th Year


Standing is tracked by semester (Fall/Spring).

Applicant has applied for and been approved for a 5th year and they are currently in that 5th year.

Medical School 1


Standing is tracked by year.

Applicant is in their first year of medical school

Medical School 2


Standing is tracked by year.

Applicant is in their second year of medical school

Medical School 3


Standing is tracked by year.

Applicant is in their third year of medical school

Medical School 4


Standing is tracked by year.

Applicant is in their 4th year of medical school

Standing: An applicant’s standing tracked historically. (That is, for fall of Junior year they will have a standing, and for winter of Junior year they will have a standing.)  Possible values are:

Standing Name





Applicant is maintaining required grades and all other JAMP requirements.



Applicant has been placed on probation.

Leave of Absence


Applicant has applied for and been granted a leave of absence.



Applicant is repeating a year.