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You should contact your JAMP Faculty Director to discuss your interest in the program. For your application to be completed, you will need to complete the “Notice of Intent to Apply and Authorization to Release Records Form” and return the form to your JAMP Faculty Director.

Below are your applicant responsibilities and application tips.


Applicant Responsibilities

As a JAMP applicant, it is your responsibility to become familiar with the application procedures. All application documents, including application, transcripts, and letters of evaluation must be submitted to JAMP in a timely manner, by the corresponding deadline. Prior to interviewing, you should read and understand the Technical Standards/Essential Functions for admission and graduation at each school to which you are applying. You will be required to sign a statement indicating you are able to meet these standards with or without accommodations.

After submitting your application, you must notify JAMP of certain changes to the application.

  • You can make changes to the following sections by logging back on to the application:
    • Contact Info
    • Colleges Attended
    • College Coursework
    • Planned Enrollment
    • My Account
    • Test Scores.

You must notify JAMP in writing via either email or a message in the application of the following changes:

  • Change of Evaluator: Once you have secured a different evaluator, please notify JAMP of the new evaluator via email or through the application message system. Include your full name, JAMP ID and indicate the name of the evaluator that needs to be removed.
    • Provide the following information for the evaluator that should be added:
      • Salutation (i.e. Dr, Prof, Mr, etc.)
      • First name of Evaluator • Last name of Evaluator 
      • Suffix (i.e. MD, PhD, etc.) 
      • Relationship to you 
      • How evaluator will submit letter (via JAMP Evaluator Portal or regular mail)
      • Whether or not you release your right of access to the letter

  • Felonies & Misdemeanors: After the date of submission of your JAMP application, if you are charged, convicted of, plead guilty, or no contest to a felony or misdemeanor crime, you must inform JAMP. You must notify JAMP within ten business days of the occurrence of the criminal charge or conviction. Failure to do so could result in the rejection of your application, withdrawal of any offer of acceptance, dismissal after enrollment, or rescission of any degrees granted.

  • Disciplinary Action: After the date of submission of your JAMP application, if you become the subject of an institutional action or disciplinary action, you must inform JAMP. You must notify JAMP within ten business days of the occurrence of the institutional action. Failure to do so is grounds for rejection of your application, withdrawal of any offer of acceptance, dismissal after enrollment, or rescission of any degrees granted.


JAMP applicants will also:

  • Meet with the JAMP Faculty Director regarding the submission of all supporting documents (including transcripts).
    • Note that an application to the program is not considered complete until all supporting documents have been received by the JAMP Administrative Office.
  • Respond immediately to all notices, comments, instructions, and questions received from JAMP.
  • Applicants are responsible for regularly checking their email and JAMP application accounts for these important notices and questions.
  • Print and retain a copy of the completed JAMP application.
  • Submit updated transcripts throughout the application cycle.
  • Monitor the status of the application online.
    • To check your status, sign into your application and click on the [Status] status link from the menu on the right-hand side of the application. The [Status] link is the first option under the [Application Info] heading. The top portion titled [Section Status] shows the date each section of the application was completed/last saved. To see the status of your supporting documents, scroll down towards the bottom of the page until you reach the [Supporting Documents] heading.



Application Tips


Start Early

What is the best way to make sure you get everything done on time? Start early.

Do not wait until the last minute to submit your JAMP application. There are no exceptions for the JAMP deadlines under any circumstances. Applicants should ensure that they complete and submit their application with enough time to address any issues that may arise.

Be Prepared

The application is lengthy and requires planning to submit an application that best conveys who you are. Having the following items ready to go before you start the application will ensure that you submit the best application possible.

  • Meet with your JAMP Faculty Director as quickly as possible.
  • Have a copy of your official transcript(s) from every college you attended. This will help you accurately complete the College Coursework section.
  • Keep a personal record of the dates and hours of all employment, community service, research, leadership, and healthcare activities.
  • Have the contact information for your evaluator(s).

Quality Matters

Although you may be tempted to rush through the process of applying for admission, remember that the quality of the items you submit will make a difference.

During review, the selection committee will consider every factor that has contributed to your academic achievement and your personal achievement. Every item entered on the application will be considered and compared to others in that same group. Therefore, the quality of your application may be the thing that makes you stand out from the crowd—and that results in you getting the decision you are looking for.

Important Notes

  • Do not use the [Back] button while completing the application.
  • Using the navigation buttons and features of your browser is very likely to cause errors.
  • Instead, use the application’s internal navigational features to move from section to section. Special characters cannot be used in the text boxes (e.g. <, >, =, @, *, ñ, or [Tab]).