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Supporting Documents - Entry Year 2024

Download JAMP Applicant Supporting Documents Checklist


Applicants must meet with his or her JAMP Faculty Director (JFD) regarding the submission of all supporting documents. An application to the program is not considered complete until all supporting documents have been received by the JAMP Administrative Office.

The following supporting documents must be received by the JAMP Administrative Office no later than Wednesday, November 8 at 5:00pm CST.

  1. Notice of Intent to Apply & Authorization to Release Records
  2. A copy of applicant's High School Transcript and Class Rank
  3. Student Aid Reports (FAFSA) for:
    1. 2022-2023
    2. 2023-2024
  4. Letters of Evaluation Form filled out by:
    1. JAMP Faculty Director
    2. University Faculty Member
  5. Official University Transcript listing fall and spring grades
  6. College Transcripts (any institution previously or currently enrolled in or has granted college credit).

CRITERIA UPDATE! SAT/ACT scores are no longer required to apply to JAMP.

Applicants are responsible for providing all supporting documents to their JAMP Faculty Director.

Supporting documents received after the deadline may prevent your application from being considered.