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High School Information

Indicate how you completed your high school education: High School, GED or Homeschooled.

Hight School Graduated:

  • Enter the Country and State, if applicable, in which your high school is located.
  • Enter part of the high school name and then click [Search] to search for your high school.
    • The less you type in the [High School Name] field, the more results you will get back. Try entering words that are unique to your high school’s name.
  • From the search results, click on [Add School] next to the correct listing – doing so will pre-populate the following information:
    • High School Name
    • City
    • Zip Code
    • State
    • County
  • If your high school was not found, you will need to add the school manually in the designated [High School Information] fields.
  • Next, enter graduation month, graduation year, class size and class rank, if applicable, in the designated fields.

Home Schooled:

  • For applicants who were home schooled, please list the city, zip code, country, and
    state where you were home schooled (or received your diploma).
  • Enter the graduation month and graduation year.


Colleges Attended


Enter all colleges you attended in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • List All Institutions: Include all schools from which you have received college credit, including colleges where you completed dual credit coursework and any schools you plan on attending between now and the completion of the Fall 2024 term (or Spring 2025 if you already know which courses you will be taking.)
  • Include foreign colleges. You do not need to list a foreign college if it was part of an official study abroad program AND the coursework appears on the transcript of the sponsoring U.S. college or university.


How to Enter a College Attended

Click on the [Add College or University] button.

  • Enter the country, state and a distinctive part of the college or university name, and a list of matching institutions will appear.
  • Keep in mind that the less you type in the [College Name] field, the more results you will get in return. Try only entering words that are unique to your college name.
    • For example, if searching for The University of Texas at Austin, just enter Austin. Click the [Search] button to obtain your search results.
  • Select the correct institution and click [Select] to add the school to your list of Colleges Attended. This will fill in the required [Institution Information] fields for the college listing.

Entering Attendance Dates

These must include FUTURE coursework dates too, if applicable!

  • Including Future Coursework: If you will take coursework in the future, you must list your end date as that future term.
    • For example, if you attended The University of Texas at Austin since Fall 2021 and you will be taking courses through Spring 2025, your attendance dates would be: Fall 2021 - Spring 2025.
  • You may make revisions to this section any time during the application process. You will be able to add new colleges/universities as well as newly completed coursework.
    • Send an internal message within the application listing any changes needed to your colleges attended, terms attended, or college coursework pages.

Entering Degree Information

  • Majors and minors are listed alphabetically. If your major/minor is not listed, you will select "Other" and you will enter your major in the text box.
  • Only one Primary Major can be added. To add your Primary Major, click to highlight your major from the list. 
    • There is no ‘Add Major’ button like some other option buttons you may have seen throughout the application. As long as you select your major from the drop-down list will be enough to highlight your major.
  • For certificates earned, along with other academic achievements, list these in the [Academic Recognition] section of the application.
  • Next, indicate if you were enrolled in an honors program at this institution. Click [Add College Attended] to add your information, which includes the major you have selected from the list and/or entered in "Other".

Complete and Save

  • Continue to enter additional colleges and universities attended, if applicable, by clicking on the [Add College or University] link.
  • Once you have entered all schools check the box that states, “Click the checkbox if you have no more colleges to enter at this time".
    • Your colleges will not be saved until you have checked this box and clicked [Save] or [Save and Continue].


Terms Attended


How to Enter a Term Attended

  • To add a term
    • Click on the [Add Term] button next to the institution for which you wish to add a new term.
    • From the drop-down menu, select the year, term, and whether or not the credits are reported in semester or quarter hours.
    • Click [Add This Term] to save.
  • Repeat for each term attended
    • For example, if you attended UT San Antonio from Fall 2021 - Spring 2023 and only attended fall and spring semesters, you would have a total of four terms entered.
  • Repeat for all institutions
    • Repeat these steps for each institution where you completed college coursework, including where you plan to complete coursework.
  • Remember to save!
    • Once you have entered all terms for all institutions, you MUST click [Save] before continuing to the [Coursework] section, or your information will be lost.

Entering Coursework



Education History/Training

You will answer questions regarding:
• Self-identification as a non-traditional applicant.
• Interruptions to your education or vocation.
• Any Disciplinary Action